Is your soul wearing thin?

shoe2When your soles wear thin you tend to feel every rough spot. Life sometimes has a way of wearing us down. Situations we used to take in stride seem like a much bigger deal. When you feel rocks under your shoes you know it’s probably time for a new pair. If life seems to upset you more easily, it might be time to pause and ask some questions. A trusted friend or counselor might ask questions that get you thinking. Why is it that you feel the way you do?

My experience and training as a counselor could provide the perspective you need to answer this and other questions. We all need help from time-to-time. And given the complications and stresses of life it’s no surprise. Find Hope Counseling offers counseling for both individuals and couples as well as premarital. We are available to meet in person or even by Skype video calls if that fits your needs and schedule better. Call or e-mail today to find out more information or to schedule an appointment.

What are your maladies?

If you find yourself struggling and suffering from any of the following, we are here to help with counseling for:maladies_s - Copy

  • Depression
  • Anxiety
  • Fear
  • Stress
  • Guilt
  • Marriage and family
  • Parenting
  • Addictions
  • Co-dependency
  • Self-injury
  • Anger
  • Loss
  • Forgiveness
  • Pornography

We also have experience counseling with those struggling with symptoms common to diagnoses like Bipolar and Borderline Personality disorders. In these and similar cases we are comfortable working in tandem with Psychiatrists or other medical professionals.

Help! My spouse committed adultery

The crisis of adultery leaves couples bruised and broken, wondering whether the damage can ever be repaired. Betrayal takes your emotions all over the map. One moment you are burning with rage, next you are overwhelmed with fear, and then you just feel numb. These are all normal responses to the horror of unfaithfulness. In the aftermath of betrayal, couples need help to find a way to rebuild trust. They need something – Someone – beyond themselves. We are here to offer help and hope through marriage counseling in the midst of much sorrow and pain and to help you rebuild and restore what has been broken.

Pastor, are you overwhelmed?


Soul Care for Life

Today more than ever the demands placed on Pastors are often overwhelming. Meetings, appointments, administrative duties, and preparing sermons often fill a week’s calendar to the max. Where does the pastor find the time to provide quality counseling for those in need of it? This is one area of pastoral ministry that we can help you with. We offer support to both pastor and church members as counseling providers. We accept referrals from pastors who need a helping hand. Call or e-mail to learn how one of our different options might be right for you and your church.