Member Counseling

Pastor, we can help provide counseling for members of your church. I know you and I share a common concern for the pastoral care of God’s people. Every day we counsel people who searched diligently to find counsel that connected their relational or emotional difficulties with their faith. Are you confident the counselors you refer people to truly work from a Christ-centered worldview?

Pastoral Assistance

We assist busy pastors in the work of pastoral counseling. As a full-time Pastoral Counselor, I know the nature of struggles people face today is complex. The number of couples with marriage difficulties and individuals seeking help can overwhelm any pastor.

Community Outreach

Your church can offer our counseling services as an outreach to the community. Our North American culture tends to minimize the relevancy of Christianity for day-to-day struggles in relationships and life. Through counseling, we help people make practical application of their Christian faith to the common struggles in relationships and mental health difficulties. Counseling through the local church becomesĀ  a means of inviting people to find hope in Christ for the very real problems they face.

What Pastors Are Saying